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It's been a while...

I haven't post anything nice here... since I posted my HD arts directly into hd_fanart and I've been busy...
So, hi readers!, welcome to my journal..
It contains a bit slash, so if you hate those, please leave. I don't want some flames here ^^

Seer Anno :)


St. Malfoy for my crossover's sake :D

Writer's Block: I wanna be just like you

Was there ever a fictional character who you admired so much that you strived to be like him or her?

Yeah, I adore Tobias and Rachel from Animorphs. Rachel because she's brave (or nuts? xD) and Tobias because he's somewhat calm. :)

(Rage) Love and Money - HPDM :)


Writer's Block: Into the night

How would you describe your perfect evening in six words (e.g., I stayed home and ate pasta)?

I will stay home and sleep.

first drarry, yeah :)


Helping Hands 2 - 3

Title: Helping Hands 2 - 3

Author: Seer Anno (seerstella)

Pairing: implied!Mike/Beth

Rated: PG

Disclaimer: 100% fake, okay?

Note: hope you likey :)

Drive (c) Incubus

Fly Away (c) Poe


Chap 2 and 3...Collapse )


Helping Hands 1

Title: Helping Hands 1
Author: Seer Anno (seerstella)
Pairing: implied!Mike/?
Rated: PG
Disclaimer: 100% fake, okay?
Note: Am I too fast? :no:?
Hitchin' A Ride (c) Green Day

I told you I'll put my OCs, didn't I? :D
hope you likey :)

Chapter 1Collapse )

Helping Hands... and hello!

Title: Helping Hands Prologue
Author: Seer Anno (seerstella)
Pairing: hmm... I don’t give this at first. but the next part, maybe you’ll know.
Rated: PG
Disclaimer: 100% fake, okay?
Note: y’know, I just need 15 minutes to write this. is this the new series?
I Don’t Love You (c) MCR

PrologueCollapse )